Hack or Force Stop or Shutdown a website or server with Windows or Mac

How to hack or shut down any website using Windows, Mac and Linux


Hello everybody Today I will show you how to hack any website or server and force it to shut down or go out of order.

This attack can be done with the help of any operating systems like Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, Mac etc,.

Just follow me or the video given below..

1.Open up your terminal or command prompt (cmd).
2.Type "ping URL" (here URL is you victims website or server).
3.Now your victim's ip address will be show like xx.xx.xx.xx.
4.Now again type " ping xx.xx.xx.xx -t " ( here xx.xx.xx.xx is victim's ip address)
5.Now hit enter and it will start and it will keep requesting the website or server
Until it shutdown or stop Responding.
In this DDOS attack your PC will request the website as much time as  t can't handle
And as a result it will go OUT OF ORDER

Thanx and please comment below if you have any query..

For more graphical demonstration watch this video



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