Easily Backup Blog or any Google Service’s Data



Google has just launched its new service for Google users, that is designed to backup your blog data or your account data.

As usual Google keep launching new services and they are always outstanding. now google has launched a service by which you can backup you data from any Google’s tools like Google+1s, Blogger, Buzz, Contacts, Drive, Google+ Circles, Google+ Stream, Pages, Picasa Web Albums. Profile, Reader, Voice, YouTube  etc. 

But I will be telling you how to get backup from any of Google’s services. It’s very easy what you just need to do is to go to go to the site and select from where you wanna get backup like youtube, blooger etc., . You will be provided with your Data Offline.

If  you still Didn’t get it then Here is a Step-By-Step guide that will help you further.

First of All Go to Google TakeOut’s Webpage


Now you will have to Login with your Google ID and then you will be provided with all the available services of Google.Blog

If you wanna get backup of any of Google’s services then you just need to select it and click on Next Button

Untitled and select the format in which you wanna get your data.


(available formats are .zip, .tgz and .tbz). Now you need to select How you want to get these files ( Get Download Link Via Email, Add To Drive, Add to Dropbox or OneDrive).


It’s Done….

Please note that mail archives may take a long time (hours or possibly days) to create.


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