How to download wifi drivers in linux.

For some people “/home/kali/” will not work they need not to type it…

Linux Wifi Drivers

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  1. Download the drivers at [Here]
  2. Type – “cd /home/kali/Downloads”
  3. Type “ls” (small letter LS)
  4. you will see ” compact-wireless-2010-06-26-p.tar.bz2 ” I have moved it to Desktop so it is not showing…
  5. Type – “cp compat-wireless-2010-06-26-p.tar.bz2 /home/kali/Desktop”.
  6. Type – “cd /home/kali/Desktop”.
  7. Type – ” ls ” to see if it is copied if yes you will see “compat-wireless-2010-06-26-p.tar.bz2 ” there ..
  8. Type – “tar -jxvf compat-wireless-2010-06-26-p.tar.bz2”
  9. Type – “ls”
  10. If it is showing “compat-wireless-2010-06-26-p” then its Done (this is a folder)
  11. Type – ” cd compat-wireless-2010-06-26-p”
  12. Type – “make unload”
  13. Type – “make load”


Now check if it is Done type – “ifconfig”

If it shows “wlan0” and “wlan1” then its done….

It will not show any wifi network if you do it on virtual box….
If you want to see available wifi connections in virtual box you would have to buy a wifi dongle as virtual box don’t allow linux to access wifi hardware…

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A video guide on the Wifi Drivers in Linux or ubuntu


Here is a Step by Step guide to download offline….



If any Link Doesn’t work please refer to this newer guide [Here]



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