How to virtualbox linux full screen mode

Today I will show you how to get linux virtual box to full screen mode..

Full Screen Linux

  1. Open up your browser and search for linux repositories
  2. we have to copy these to sources.list
  3. Go to sources.list in terminal     nano /etc/apt/sources.list
  4. The two lines at the bottom were already written
  5. Now copy the repositories from browser and paste them over to sources.list…
  6. Copy every line as done in my sources.list
  7. Once done press Ctrl+O to save and Ctrl+X to exit.
  8. Now let’s update our environment Type apt-get update -y
  9. Now type apt-get upgrade (it will take a lot of time)..
  10. Now again type apt-get update         click enter if it asks something
  11. Now type apt-get dist-upgrade and hit enter if it asks something
  12. Now its time to reboot type reboot and your linux will restart..

Your Internet speed will also get faster

If it’s done you will see Firefox instead of your Iceweasel browser…

seamless mode will get highlighted

Now it’s done your Linux machine will look pretty….

Download offline TXT file

Full Screen Linux

Watch step by step video guide  at


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