Make Your Own Handwriting Font

When you write a letter, a report or any application in your computer you have to use one of the available fonts that gives it a very impersonal but now you can write with your own handwriting even in a computer  for that you don’t have to buy a pad or anything else what you only have to do is to upload your font onto your PC and then you will be able to write all alphabets in your personal handwriting moreover you can use it to sign documents.

How To Do It

For this just download this template file print it and fill all the boxes with the characters already printed on them with a gel point pan. And please write inside the boxes accurately. Then sscan it at 300 dpi in grayscale, not color. Use a actual scanner to scan it otherwise you will be failed. Then upload the template to Then you will get

Looks good? Proceed. Looks like a buncha weird boxes? Make sure your template file is properly rotated (portrait, not landscape).

If you’re wondering whether you should download it as an “OTF” file vs. “TTF” file, consider that .otf is a relatively newer format, so more tools work with .ttf font sets.

Now install your new font to your PC.

In MAC OS X, open Font Book then File > Add Fonts (or command + O).

In Windows, click Start > Control Panel >Appearance and Personalization > Fonts. Then click File > Install New Font.

Enjoy if you are facing any problem then please comment below…



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