Best phones of the year 2018 (2018 best phones).

These are the top phones of the year 2018. However many more phones have also been launched in the market which are affordable too. But thinking about every little thing in mind the phones which seemed to be the best in the year 2018 yet are as below by the team of MMBEST.

We are going to talk about the phones which have already been launched in the market, while their are rumors of many phones like Xiaomi Mi 7, Nokia 10 128 GB, Nokia 11 128 GB or the Nokia 12 256 GB. These are the phones that won the market in the starting months of the year 2018. So here goes the list.

8. LG G6maxresdefault

The phone has been in our list because it has beet every phone in the price segment while comparing these in every aspect. This phone features quad-core (2×2.35 GHz Kryo & 2×1.6 GHz Kryo) dual processors to work together for the best performance a phone can give out. So here comes the next phone on our list.

7. Xperia XZ1142041-phones-news-xperia-xz1-and-xz1-compact-preview-shots-together-image2-n5wvrm7ile

4 GB Ram is not what it only have, this phone has been reported to be the best performing phone in the market. With better built quality and Octa-core (4×2.35 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo) two processors, this phone supports all the games and apps flawlessly. The reason for its being on No. 8 is it’s battery which is 2700 mAh. However with 4 GB RAM it can support much high on RAM requiring apps. Enough of No. 8 lets move to No.7

6. HTC U11maxresdefault (1).jpg

This phone is better than the Xperia XZ1 in every aspect it has a 6 GB of RAM and 128 or 64 GB of ROM on board. There would be Octa-core (4×2.45 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo) two processors in the phone to save the battery and also for the best performance a phone can give out. The battery is also comparatively better than the Xperia XZ1. This phone has certainly be better performer than the previous one and also many phones in the same price segment and has a better built quality and camera too.

5. Google Pixelgoogle-pixel-official-img-2.jpg

As you might expect from the name Google the phone would have best performance. This phone would feature Quad-core (2×2.15 GHz Kryo & 2×1.6 GHz Kryo) two processor to give out a better battery life to the users. This phone would have a 4 GB RAM coupled with 64 GB or 128 GB ROM on-board. The phone has been on the top in the sell. According to more than million supporters of MMBEST over Youtube, Twitter and Facebook has confirmed using the phone was the best experience. Lets move on to its upgraded version.

4. Google Pixel 2


This phone would also feature 4 GB of RAM with 64 GB / 128 GB on-board storage. Having Octa-core (4×2.35 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo) dual processors. This phone is a little upgrade of the previous one. The camera of this phone was reported to be better than the iPhone X which is the top phone by Apple. However Google has not yet put its attention towards the battery of the phone. Both phones seems to be quiet low on mAhs. This phone phone would have a 2700 mAh battery. Lets move on

3. Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 +gs8-01.jpg

Here is the Samsung, the Samsung has always brought low on specification phone in India while in another countries it has always launched better phones. This phone, the Samsung Galaxy would be performing over Octa-core (4×2.3 GHz & 4×1.7 GHz) dual processors in India, while in China and USA it would be performing in a better manner over Octa-core (4×2.35 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo) processor. There would be only one variant of the phone i.e., 64 GB ROM and 4 GB RAM. The battery of this phone would be a 3000 mAh quick charging battery.

2. Samsung Galaxy note 8samsung-galaxy-note-8-s-pen-features-11

This phone would be based on Octa-core (4×2.3 GHz & 4×1.7 GHz) in India while Octa-core (4×2.35 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo) would be for the users of China and USA. There would be three different variants as 64/128/256 GB, 6 GB RAM. The battery of this phone would be a 3300 mAh wireless and quick charging battery lets move on to the top on the list No.1

1. One Plus 5akrales_170615_1768_0113.jpg

The phone would be available in every country the same way it would be having a best over the phones a 8 GB RAM capable of playing games in a better manner. This phone has been greatly know for as the Made for Gamers phone. There would be two different variants of this phone like 128 GB, 8 GB RAM or 64 GB, 6 GB RAM. With a Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 chipset the phone has come out on the top. It would also be showing off with its Octa-core (4×2.45 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo) real-time processor. The battery would be a 3300 mAh li-Po battery.

Many phones have been launched in the market. Xiaomi Mi 7 with 128 GB storage and 8 GB RAM + 5000 mAh battery is also about to launch take a look at the specifications.


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